Self Portrait with Root (2018)

Presented during Artist Residency at Marc’s Madness Dance Studio. April 26 - 28, 2018

The Swan Song (2018)

Presented April 2018 at Marc’s Madness, North Vancouver, BC.

City of David (2016)

Preview performance Anne MacDonald Studio July 2016

Featuring Candice Johnson and Deborah Rossouw

Arachne (2004)

Produced by the Launch Pad at the Anne McDonald Studio, North Vancouver, BC



Dance on the Shore

Studio Show

 DANCE ON THE SHORE: North Vancouver Artists in Residence from Marc‘s Madness Dance Studio are dancing up a storm in this Studio Show! Dance on the Shore features dance, live music and original choreography from North Shore artist Virginia Duivenvoorden. Virginia is one of the Artists in Residence at Marc's Madness Dance Studio. Providing a much needed home for professional dance on the North Shore, Marc’s Madness is about discovering the artist in you and developing your work in a supportive community. Come out to have fun and discover the work of local dance artists

April 26th 12pm

April 27th 8pm

April 28th 8pm 

Virginia Duivenvoorden is a dance artist and choreographer with an interdisciplinary lens on dance and arts integration. Her choreography and creative process integrate dance, film techniques, improvisation, theatre and stage design. Her passion to share in the creation of artistic work is practiced through teaching, collaborations with other artists, and performing in her original works.

Candice Johnson Haikkula is an artist and educator with extensive professional experience. Her breadth of knowledge in the arts has given her the opportunity to work as a performer, teacher, curator and as a community builder who can connect both organizations and individuals. She has traveled the province, to Ecuador, China and New Zealand to teach in schools and perform in communities while always advocating for the development of arts and culture at home in North Vancouver. 


The show will feature dance from Virginia Duivenvoorden, Lynne Addington and Marc Berezowski. Music from Frank Duivenvoorden and vocal performance by Candice Johnson Haikkula.  


The Farm (1998)

Artist Residency Project in partnership with Stichting Atelier Beheer Arnhem, NL

Mamacocha (1997)

De Kapel Danstheatre, Arnhem, NL

Images Re:creation (1995)

EDDC Theatre, Arnhem, NL

A Woman Called Snake (1995)

EDDC Theatre, Arnhem, NL

Skin (1992)

EDAM Studio Show, Vancouver, BC