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Arts Education

Dance Workshops - Movement classes with curriculum goals in mind. Students will use dance as an investigative tool and platform to develop creative thinking. As we practice basic steps and use everyday movements with awareness, students develop crucial reflective skills. Sharing ideas means listening and being heard.

Mixed Media – This class is designed to have students think and learn like artists. A balance of research and using existing knowledge helps students navigate personal awareness in a creative and cultural context of inclusion. Ideas are welcomed as we collaborate on presenting ideas through the visual, performing and media arts.

Arts Integration - Inquiry based learning allows students to engage with curriculum and identifies diverse learners in the classroom community. As a teaching artist, I provide a community based process in close collaboration with teachers. We can approach the arts as a lens to support a flexible and active learning environment while we

 work with diverse subjects.

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Dance is social, cultural and artistic expression. Each participant is valued and celebrated as unique experiences are shared.

Theatre creates an artistic framework in which to hang ideas. Stories can be shared and understood.

Dance art is time based. Sound, space and materials interact in organized compositions. Shared experiences strengthen community.

Big Love Ball Goes to High School

Collaborative video with Bodwell students and Big Love Ball by Wendy Williams Watt.

Comments from Students and Staff

Stephen Goobie, Principal

Virginia has already demonstrated herself to be a dynamic, energetic and skilled dance educator. Notably, she shows the following strengths, among many other admirable attributes: 1) a deep passion for the arts, exemplified through artistic skill, and an enthusiasm for helping students discover their own confidence and creativity, 2) flexibility to adapt to a unique classroom arrangement and programming structure, 3) detailed and purposeful curriculum planning, able to cater original learning outcomes and activities/assessment directly to student background and previous experience, 4) an ease in communicating with international and ELL students, 5) a dedication to connecting with students in a collaborative, creative and dynamic learning environment, 6) genuine interest in the students' own expression of ideas through dance and a wide variety of forms of movement, including cultural dances, 7) a professional and collaborative team approach, working seamlessly with the administrative and instructional staff, and 8) real world experience and knowledge of the dance/arts community to share with the students.

High School Students

I like dancing  class, it makes this class more interesting. I learn many things from this class such as teamwork and follow the music to do action. Owen

Today I learned many things about dancing. I learned how to move with more grace. Rommel

My style is moving free - saying my opinion. I learned to move free and like myself. Sakura

Today I’m very happy to join and this club is blended music and dance. I like it so much. Thank you, teacher, teach me how to dance. Fred

I’m not good at dance skills but it was fun and I learned so many things. I’m looking forward to next week. Koki O

I like dancing freestyle because I feel comfortable to not feel ashamed of myself because everyone else is doing the same. Mylede