Virginia Duivenvoorden

Virginia Duivenvoorden 
Choreographer, Dance Artist, Educator


Virginia Duivenvoorden has performed from coast to coast and in Europe. She is an alumni member of the Karen Jamieson Dance Company and was guest artist with the Dancers of Damelahamid. Virginia had solos created for her for Dancing on the Edge, Vancouver, BC by Serge Bennathan and Cornelius Fischer-Credo. She attended Arts Umbrella, SFU and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at the European Dance Development Centre, part of the ArtEz University of the Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands. In Arnhem, her process developed and gained momentum amongst an international community of dancers, artists and master teachers. Virginia's journey has been enriched through sharing it with husband Frank and their two children.

Virginia invites participants, collaborators and audience to discover the passion in all of us to apply our signature style in creative, collaborative and fun projects that celebrate and connect communities. Virginia’s interdisciplinary approach has been forged in the heat of managing multiple projects from start to finish.

Fabric , lettering, design, voice, paper, music, creative writing and theatre are all aspects of her practice that weave through the dance. Virginia enjoys teaching and inviting her students to co create with artistic work that is dynamic, creative and adaptable to a variety of settings. The design of each class is generating the results of her broad body of knowledge regarding physical conditioning, body awareness and tension relief. Some of the recurrent themes in her work include transformation, contrasts, conflict resolution, resurrection and universal love.