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Imagery Exercise



Exercise the neuromuscular connection between brain and body. Discover new pathways and build on knowledge. 



Do you desire to improve your health, fitness or mobility? You can adapt exercise to your changing needs.



Take some time to feel restored and inspired through the power of imagery. 

Why Imagery?

Positive mental imagery works! Using visual imagery with exercise awakens the brain in a profound way. Working with imagery is creative and benefits learning. Using active movement and rest, visualization is a skill we can build. Captivating our full attention, these actions open doors to learning that advance critical thinking and reflection. All this while discovering exercise can be a lot more effortless!


Imagery for Better Health

Made to Move

Our bodies are wired for movement. Imagery Is a key tool for healing while engaging our creative thinking In activity and rest.

The Art of Exercise

We use a simple  yet profound arrangement of progressive full body conditioning and neuromuscular training.

Fall 2018

Six Week Program

Dates TBA 

Study Imagery

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Virginia Duivenvoorden

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



Imagery Exercise Class


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Trade rush hour for rest and refresh hour. 


Imagery Exercise Six Pack


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