DevoDance Dance in North Vancouver

Devotion and Development

DevoDance practice is an exciting new approach to dance. Designed for fast learning and broad application this course will have you moving with ease, power and creativity. You will learn to develop your unique style of dance and talent while refining foundational steps that will improve balance, coordination and fluidity. The course is a six week journey that will have you dancing your best. Devotional topics will deepen your creativity and confidence. Dance in North Vancouver from beginners to professional.


We apply a variety of techniques to help you uncover your innate movement style and expression. We explore dance as a spiritual practice and refine your movement with dance training.


What experience do you have to bring to DevoDance? Whether music, athletics, architecture, ballet or devotion, bring the skills you already have to build on and we will learn together about these topics and more:

  • dance and your spiritual walk
  • dynamic alignment for better posture 
  • finding stillness
  • creative process
  • dance improvisation

Take It Home

DevoDance is designed to compliment and guide you through ideas for your  home practice.


Virginia, thank you! 

Your inspiring Devo Dance program has given me what I’d been longing for, namely some dancers’ secrets and techniques to enhance my worship dance repertoire. 

During each lesson, you offered just enough technique balanced with an imaginative exploration of the key elements that make dance magical! It’s clear you draw from a depth and breadth of dance training. I felt encouraged and supported by your light touch as a dance teacher. And, your fabulous music selection every week made it even more exciting.

Your Devo Dance program has opened me to fresh worship dance possibilities. I feel incredibly fortunate and blessed to have had this opportunity to learn with you! Thank you so much. 

All of it was Wow! 

Deborah Rossouw – Deep Life Coach, North Vancouver


What style of dance do you do?

I can honestly say after decades of dance and immersion in different styles I have had the opportunity to develop my own individual style. However I am influenced by some key teachers, techniques and collaborators I have worked with.  See my bio for more information.

What will I learn?

Dancers can expect to enrich and deepen their understanding of dance as an art form. I teach about the building blocks of dance technically and creatively. Any style of dance you enjoy will be enhanced when you take the time to learn about dynamic alignment and body awareness. Collaborative learning means I can include your inquiries as much as possible.

Next Session Spring 2018