Community Dance

Dance for ALL

 My community engaged dance practice is connected to the sound principle that each person has a creative capability to express in and through the arts some of our deepest and most profound human experiences. Much can be reflected upon and observed through the arts. Dance is an art with a mechanism built and wired for community- in particular for celebration! There are so many experiences in life and community where dancing is the best way we can celebrate. Think of weddings, graduations, high school parties, and  DJs representing  this heartbeat and irresistible beat. Our job as community artists is to empower those ones that are gifted and wired to dance. When one is able to set that gift free then all of those around that person can benefit. Family and community benefit when vibrancy and understanding comes together in a learning environment founded in a caring and creative way. Groups have the opportunity to learn from one another when the teacher acts also as facilitator and coach. A leader that comes alongside you when you need it and pushes you into new territory when it’s time is essential in community. In healthy groups a scaffold of leadership emerges and no one gets left behind. A healthy community creates shared guidelines and does activities that promote connections and builds relationships.

Each person is endowed with a creative gift and that can often be changing over time or through different seasons of life. Community dance is an opportunity to unpack that gift and share it with others. Through simple processes and empowering participants with knowledge and experience, we create something together far greater than the sum of all the parts.